I’ll introduce myself, but what do I say? I’ve already introduced myself on another blog. I suppose if you want to get to know me better you should look at my Myspace profile. I have my photos up there. I’ve had two profiles. The first I erased around this time last year, after several months of near daily posting. In June, I began another page, which at various times, I’ve considered erasing. It seems as if there is a lot of consequence to the openess of today’s society. Any old schmuck (myself included) can have a blog. Anyone from employers to law enforcement to prospective love interests can scrutinize it and write you off like nothing. It’s happened. I guess that will happen for a while, but I predict eventually that blogs will be like business cards and people will not feel so taken aback by what people believe in their private lives,  because what we used to consider our private lives is already becoming public. You can’t arm millions of stupid people with personal computers, laptops, Blackberries, cellular phones, iPods and shit like that and not expect for things to get crazy. Several months ago I discovered a high school classmate’s profile on the adult site, xpeeps.com. Just happens. Doesn’t Vladmir Putin have a blog. This girl does and I read some of the stupidest things on it (despite my inclinations to agree with much of the left) that set me in a rage, but I STILL come back for more. Man, none of this will matter soon. As long as you’re not putting up child pornography, schematics for the ultimate bomb or typing a personal review of your boss, all will be cool. In the meantime, I’d better tone it down because I can have pretty dark sense of humor and a dirty mind!

Anyway, if you have any suggestions for how I may make this thing look nicer, let me know. I tried putting this as my background but it didn’t work

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(that photo is mine but it’s not propriety. If you take it and make a million bucks off of it ((not going to happen)) go right ahead. I like it.)

Well, it’s likely no one will read this thing for a few days. But, I hope to attract some stalwart readers. I’ll keep things entertaining as much as I can. I don’t want a career anyhow if I can’t express myself without fear of reprisal.