I’ll start by saying that despite my being a New York resident, and a Democrat, I have never and will never vote for our junior senator, Hilary Clinton.

 The whole carpet bagger thing aside, she’s the consumate politician and I hate that. This lady will say anything to be elected, like last June, when at a speech to the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, she told her audience that young people–people my age or younger–expected things to be handed to them, didn’t know the meaning of hard work.

Yeah, hard work, Hillary. Like paying millions of dollars to relocate to a state that you have nothing to do with and run for U.S. Senate there. That’s a whole other story.

 Former Iowa governor Tom Vilsack has announced he’ll endorse her.

 My only question to Mr. Vilsack’s decision is, well, why?

My biggest gripe with Hillary Clinton is her vacilating and patronizing positions on Iraq. She actually did say that if she were elected the war would end and then committed herself to keeping some troops in Iraq. I can’t stand her. She’s a chickenhawk too. How can this politician lead the way to an end to this situation. The bombs will keep dropping under her. Watch her ratchet up her support of the troops and her committment to the conflict as this thing goes along. God, I wish she’d just go away.

Edwards is apparently polling well there. I don’t normally follow this garbage. It’s all racehorse politics, vanity, entertainment. But this country in the hands of that woman is in trouble. Maybe not as much trouble as GWB, but a lot.

I just hope someone in the party buries her soon. She’s terrible.