I wrote something that was acidic towards Michelle Malkin, the syndicated rightwing columnist who appears as an analyst on FOX News’ Hannity and Colmes as well as the O’Reilly Factor and any other show that stoops to believe she is an expert on anything besides saying shocking things meant to galvanize conservatives or anger wussy liberals. After reading it, I decided to erase it because in my life, time is precious and to devote that much energy doesn’t really do me well. Of course, I am spending additional time and expending additional energy to create a nicer blog entry about her, but I think as far as karma is concerned, that’s the best thing that I can do right now.

Yesterday, I watched this video on Youtube. In short, it’s a segment from the online show Hot Air (go find the link yourself!).  During the segment, Malkin runs down anti-war allstar Cindy Sheehan’s fast for peace, which occured last July.

Naturally, aiming for the lowest common denominator, Malkin does nothing to argue on the merits of Sheehan’s objection to the war in Iraq, and instead shocks us with footage of her eating a sub, having smoothies and ice cream inside a coffee. Here are some screen shots:


Wow, so shocking!!!

I kinda wish there was lighter fluid in there.

What a comedian!!! Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha. Hopefully she’ll perform this for Iraqi’s who’ve been injured in war. They’ll love it.

Ah yes, proving that the illegal, immoral and unChristian Iraq War is alright by making fun of a “moonbat”.

 I took a walk yesterday after watching this video and lamented the sad state of our world. When reason goes out the window and truth, introspection and all that are secondary to making headlines or getting publicity (which certainly Sheehan is guilty of too), we’re doomed. There are so many young conservatives out there who think that Malkin is an intelligent voice on things. She isn’t. She’s a sycophant who collects book money. That’s all she does. Anyway, I’m done with this lady too. If I’ve managed to go four months without listening to Hannity, I can do the same with Michelle Malkin.