This week, an interesting thing will likely happen in Mexico City. It looks as if the city will be the first and only abortion zone in Mexico. I don’t know much about abortion or the politics behind it–particularly in Mexico–but this seems like a strange phenomena to me; a local area that permits abortion, in spite of the rest of the nation’s policies. That would be like having prostitution legal in Reno or alcohol illegal in Oberlin, Ohio, despite it’s permission in the rest of the state.

I think abortion is revolting, so I’m not happy about Mexico City, but I can assure you that I’m losing no sleep over the matter. The Pope made a statement, essentially asking the city council there to reconsider, but being as liberal-minded as they are, it appears that they may not reconsider their tentative approval for the matter.

Just strange, I guess. Oh well. Our country permits it everywhere. It will be interesting to see what happens in this.