I’m near Grant’s Tomb right now in New York City. I miss living down here. When I used to walk around the Upper West Side I ended up over here a lot. It’s a beautiful park. Lot’s of runners. I’m about to put my shoes on right now to go for a run. I hope I brought my shorts. If not, I’ll have to go buy some. Lord knows where there’s a place to get them around here. Oh well. My battery is dying in my MP3 player, but I’ve got an idea of what song to start with before it kicks out: NYC by Interpol. Then some Grand Master Flash, Don’t Touch Me. Hey, for irony value I even have Downtown Train on my player (yeah, I know, not really irony. You got me). And then there’s First We Take Manhattan by Leonard Cohen. But why am I sweating it. My shoes are waiting to be filled with my waking feet. Time for a run.