Further proof that our president, George Walker Bush, is perhaps one of the most insensitive and ridiculous assholes in America today.

On Wednesday, Bush told a crowd in Kansas City that a U.S. Armed Forces withdrawal from Iraq like the one that took place in 1975 from Vietnam, would embolden terrorists by showing the rest of the world that the United States was a weak nation.

“Here at home, some can argue our withdrawal from Vietnam carried no price to American credibility, but the terrorists see it differently,” Bush sad.
“Unlike in Vietnam, if we withdraw before the job is done, this enemy will follow us home.”

Bush’s buffoonery amazes me. That is absolutely amazing that a man who actively avoided fulfilling his military service while others had fought and died for the same war he supported, could have the audacity to say something like this. I shouldn’t be surprised, however because this is the man who has sold the Iraq War to a nation of willingly ignorant people.