We’re the descendents of Brooklyn Dodgers fans, and if there was one thing that the folks at Ebbets Field were known for it was “wait until next year”, every time when in September or October their lovable Bums got the boot.

As a Mets fan, watching them lose 7-4 tonight to the Marlins reminded me of that saying. The Mets will have to win two games and the RED HOT Phillies lose two in order for the Mets to win the East. The Padres and Rockies will have to lose two games for the Mets to even qualify for the wild card.


 I think that the Phillies ARE the team to beat. Jimmy Rollins took heat for saying it, but he wasn’t lying and it was his two-run single tonight that got things started for the franchise that lost its 10,000th game this summer.

 I don’t like the Phillies, but I love watching their three star players, Rollins, Chase Utley and Ryan Howard. If they make it to the playoffs and the Padres go nowhere (as anticipated), I wish them the best of luck.