I guess I forgive Dog. I mean, it’s not like he did something to me, but to himself and to black folks. There’s a lot to be said about how people learn to talk; their socialization. I’m sure Dog has always used the word nigger. He’s from a scumbag background (and I mean that in the most honest and least insulting of ways). On the other hand, it’s 2007 and anyone with a brain and a decent way of expressing morals should know that you come across as a racist asshole word like his.

Let’s face it, Dog’s just digging his hole deeper. On Hannity and Colmes the other night, fawning host Sean Hannity allowed him to get away with his garbage by bringing on his pastor, Greg Storey, who, being black, was able to absolve the bounty hunter of his racism.

I’m sure Dog’s not a racist in the segregationist, White Aryan Resistance, Ku Klux Klan way. I’m not so sure he’s not a dirtbag.

Storey confirmed this himself, describing his friend as “rough around the edges.”

What Storey didn’t address, at least to those of us willing to watch Hannity and Colmes (which is painful in itself) is regardless of whether or not Duane “Dog” Chapman uses the nigger word casually, the context in which he was caught using it was on in which he was essentially forbidding a family member to date a black woman because it would affect his career.

Either way, Dog will get some type of show back. After all, this is a nation that loves NASCAR and pro wrestling. I just feel sorry for the corpses at Mt. Vernon who have to lay in the ground next to him until the sun eats up the Earth.

A part of me really cringes when I watch this video. I was never bullied in high school, nor was I a bully, but I certainly witnessed my fair share of it. I graduated in 1998, which was the year of the high school shooting. Incidents in Mississippi, Kentucky and Oregon captured national attention, although nothing like what would overshadow them a year later, when in 1999, Dylan Klebold and Eric Harris gunned down more than a dozen people at their school in the Denver area. Bullying seemed to be behind the shootings.

I wonder if this kid ever wanted to shoot anyone:

He’s the subject of a random youtube video from 1989.

I’m not sure where the video was shot, although I’m certain it was an urban school, possibly on the East Coast by the looks of things.

It starts out with some kids doing some moves:

I couldn’t hear what they were jiving to, but it could have been Steady-B or Public Enemy.

They even use some special effects on that neat old VHS of theirs.

I’m not sure what initiated it, but when the dancing is over, these boys head over to a study hall to taunt a fellow student, who looks to be Filipino or some type of Polynesian.

It all starts with some words and some pushing.