Within the last hour I was going over my personal budget. From each paycheck I try to deduct a about $150 and distribute that between two savings accounts. The remainder of my pay goes to recurring bills such as my Department of Education Direct Loan, Sallie Mae loan, a car payment and a collections agency payment. After that is squared away, I budget $80 for two weeks worth of groceries. Then there’s $17 for cable and $40 for gas and $267 for my share of the rent (very cheap, I must say). Everything else is an odd or an end and when that cash is laid out (the closer to pay day the better) I usually have about $200 to burn.


Because of unforseen expenses, that amount has fallen quite about for the next two weeks (I was paid yesterday). I’m around $148 to spend and for some reason I’m going nuts about that. But why? There are people who live with far less than that for every two weeks. This last pay period, I had more than $20 remaining in my account, so I put that in savings, towards a trip to Portugal next year. If I could have had $20 remaining after laying out cash last pay period on three dinners (two of which I covered a guest) and some other things I didn’t anticipate, then I can surely get by. There are people really struggling to get by.

I figured I’d split the $148 in half to $74 for the next seven days and then $74 for the next six days. But why do that, I realized when I have some cash hanging out in my wallet? It is only $34 but I really don’t anticipate needing to spend more than $34 on anything until next Tuesday so long as I have my groceries paid for, my car filled up (which I barely drive nowadays) and some other stuff that I need. I think I can do alright with that. I’ll let you know how it turns out, whether I’m pressing buttons on the cash machine or living out of the greenbacks in my wallet until next Tuesday. I’ve also got some change in my pocket, too, and I think that makes $36!