That’s not my mouth over there, but that’s what it feels like. I have had a broken lower right side molar for over a month right now. It’s like the jagged ruins of an old Grecian building. It hurts so much right now. Last night I thought that I was going to break down in tears the pain was that excruciating.

I missed work because of it. I was so frustrated about other things to begin with, but the feeling is one that I can’t describe. It is not localized. It spreads across the jaw like a too-tight chin strap and sends jolts of pain shooting down the neck. There’s scarcely a comfortable position asides from some stretches and postures that are meant to divert the minds automatic attention away from the pain for awhile and produce calming chemicals in the brain. I hate this feeling so much.

Right now I’m a temporary office worker with no benefits. Therefore, getting the molar fixed is not an option right now because I don’t have the money to do so. I can’t wait to have a job that provides benefits for health coverage. I’ve never had that.

Having a broken tooth changes your perspective. In between the psychological torture of the throbbing that shoots not only through the body but seemingly every part of perception, there is a feeling that things might be better if you could get to a dentist, a doctor, a specialist of some type. I really want benefits right now, but I guess I’ll have to step in line behind the 50+ million other people who don’t have it. No use in complaining or feeling sorry for myself. That’s stupid anyway and only makes the pain worse.