And so it begins: “McDonalds, the place”.

One of the greatest inventions to come from mankind in recent years is undoubtedly youtube. Certainly, it is the repository of many annoyingly unfunny videos , yet on youtube can be found unique and obscure videos that can enrich our lives and bring us to back to our past, connecting to us to our historical roots.

Two weeks ago, I stumbled across this video and it’s brother. Since finding both, I have been in a state of awe and amazement and have come back several times to show it to friends.

The videos do not have much description to them. Their contributor, who I have unsuccessfully tried to contact, purports that they are of a fight that took place in the Cleveland area in 1989. By the looks of it they are high school students. I would say that based upon their dress it is either late summer or late spring. The dress and vehicles in the video certainly indicate that it is the late 1980’s: Body Glove shirts, Astrovans and IROCs to name a few.

I believe that the two combatants are Rich and Dan, although upon multiple analysis, I can’t be too confident as I heard screams of “Get him, Scotty” also. Originally, I thought that the shorter fighter’s name was Rick Hoever, but it appears he’s one of the young men at the beginning of the video who introduce the fight and handicap it for the viewer.

So let’s get started.

The video begins with several high school students making predictions as to who would win in the fight, the Davidian Rich or the Goliath Dan, who according to them stands 6′-4″ and weighs 240.

We learn that Rich has a fighter’s heart and find comfort and inspiration in his underdog persona.

More analysis from area experts with great fashion sense follows…

…Sorta like Bob Costas and a little bit of Peter Gammons rolled up with some Bryant Gumbel, aye?

Our “protagonist” Rich makes his entry stage right Camaro ——>>>>> (more…)