Back in the spring I wrote a little entry about the type of women I find attractive. For the most part, the responses were good and I shared the entry with a young woman last night who agreed with what I wrote. This afternoon, I was checking my Myspace account and saw a banner ad that I really enjoyed a lot.

I really do believe that the ideal body type for me is one that is curvy, round and full. Certainly I am not attracted to heavy women or obese women, but I think nice hips, thighs and an overall curvy frame that is proportional is great.

I’m not sure which company that advertisement is for. I’m assuming it’s Lane Bryant. I like it though and am glad that in the online world where skinny blondes push web cam ads, this is out there (I have nothing against blondes, by the way).

Healthy, is what I say. Womanly, is what I believe. I love curvy women!