Some douche on the radio in Allentown, Pennsylvania or around that area was canned on Wednesday for encouraging listeners–quite possibly all unemployed– to call into his radio station and repeat the “phrase that pays”. The phrase: “I’m a nappy headed ho”, a variation on WFAN jerkass Don Imus, who last week called said the Rutgers University womens basketball team were “nappy headed hos”.

Gary Smith got the boot for giving payola to his callers (if you want to call NASCAR promotional materials that).  The station WSBG, bills itself as the station of the Poconos (yay, Hawley, PA!), and fired Smith. Interesting enough, when you check out the stations Web site, you notice that Smith has been removed from the staff listing. That was quick. I’ve never heard the station, but I’m sure it sucks. Probably plays Creed, Nickelback and Eveneses I can’t even spell that band’s name right their so shitty!

I suspect Smith was trying to make a valid point, which is that shock jocks will be shock jocks. They will always say things to get people hot under the collar. That’s why they exist; to entertain/incite hicks. Unfortunately for Smith, Don Imus couldn’t care less about his plight. Imus is a millionaire many times over and within a year no one will care about this incident with the Rutgers team. He’s already issued apologies.

Don Imus is on a two-week suspension from WFAN and on Wednesday, NBC Nightly News With Brian Williams began with an announcement that the network had canceled its simulcast of Don Imus on its cable network MSNBC. Regardless of the suspension, Imus will return to his successful radio show. Smith may never work in radio again, and instead end up doing air conditioner repair or pool installation. I’m not happy a man is out of a job, but clearly his show was lacking. Don Imus wont care at all though about this small-market broadcaster. He wont take Smith under his wing or thank him for coming to his show’s defense. Instead, he’ll continue to collect his money and entertain his listeners who wear golf shirts and Dockers pants.

But the real tragedy is that on April 16 Jarred, the Subway guy is supposed to visit the station to talk about something or other. I’m sure he’s a big draw for them. Certainly his publicist and Subway would have retracted him Smith to stay in his job. Smith will never get to host a celebrity of Jarred’s ilk.

It’s no real loss to the world of broadcasting. There are already a ton of corny shock jocks out there who tell breast jokes, flatulence jokes and jokes about mothers-in-law. Just too bad for Mr. Smith. What a stupid thing to stand up for. Don Imus doesn’t give a crap about you.