If you watched either of these videos, which show an awesome parking lot fight that occurred in Parma, Ohio in 1989 between two high school students, or if you haven’t watched it, you may want to know the story behind it. I wrote about them earlier this week (being between the ending point and starting point of jobs is awesome). After a week, the person who posted them on Youtube returned my inquiry.

Here’s what he said:

Thanks for your interest…I had this video stored away on vhs for the longest time…lately, it seems like everyone has a fight on their video phone or digital camera…I thought I’d put it up cause its entertaining…Nothing to violent…This was in the days before internet and UFC. The tall dude Dan had the girlfriend named Tracy, who arrived with him in the car…The week earlier, the smaller dude Scott
was hitting on her…Dan found out and wanted to beat Scott’s ass…So he insisted that he meet him at McDonald’s…Well, Scott found out and instead of not showing up, much to our suprise he showed up..and went right for Dan when he pulled in…I don’t think Dan realized until that moment that Scott was not going to back down…This was both their first fight (As you can tell)
1989 Day Drive McDonlad’s in Parma.


Back then, having this on tape was great…we knew something might happen…and it did…put now its more comedy than anything compared to some of the brutal fights you see….oh well…hope that helps you out.


Thanks a lot, Cheeks, I was dying to know what the fight was about!