From the time that he announced he was running for Governor more than three years ago, to his shocking, embarassing political downfall on Monday afternoon, I never cared for Eliot Spitzer. To me, he embodied the type of politician, so ambitious to rise in stature that he would do all he could to crush dissent.

Where he was once described as crusading, tough, principaled and ethical, the words most closely attached with the shamed New York governor are now arrogance, brashness, conceit and hubris. Spitzer’s meteoric rise will always be seen in the light of his trysts with high-priced hookers, rather than any of the good he did or may have ended up doing for his state.

I suspect that Spitzer never really cared so much about the end result of New York State because his eyes were set on other sights; Justice Department, State Department or maybe even the White House. To Spitzer, dealing with the disparate factions of this diverse state were likely an annoyance, he seemed so much the man to look down on others.

When it was announced here in Albany that he was involved in a prostitution ring, even his own party members seemed to chuckle. This was not a man well-liked by many of those who dealt with him. It was just not easy to have sympathy for the “Steamroller”, the “Sheriff of Wall Street”. Down in in the City, the Wall Street traders rejoiced, handing out cigars, buying strangers drinks and giving ecstatic high fives.

Although most of Spitzer’s high-profile targets from his days as New York Attorney General didn’t say it, we know that in their cavernous offices, behind their cherry wood desks they felt free to let loose their pleasure with his downfall.

One who wasn’t so mum, Kenneth Langone, a former New York Stock Exchange boardmember told CNBC he hoped that the Governor, who had once tried to bury him to make some headlines, would roast in the fires of his own hell.


Back in the spring I wrote a little entry about the type of women I find attractive. For the most part, the responses were good and I shared the entry with a young woman last night who agreed with what I wrote. This afternoon, I was checking my Myspace account and saw a banner ad that I really enjoyed a lot.

I really do believe that the ideal body type for me is one that is curvy, round and full. Certainly I am not attracted to heavy women or obese women, but I think nice hips, thighs and an overall curvy frame that is proportional is great.

I’m not sure which company that advertisement is for. I’m assuming it’s Lane Bryant. I like it though and am glad that in the online world where skinny blondes push web cam ads, this is out there (I have nothing against blondes, by the way).

Healthy, is what I say. Womanly, is what I believe. I love curvy women!

Perhaps it’s something biological that harkens (sp.) back to my ancestor’s days on the rough, cold plains of Northern Europe when a girl with some meat on her bones was not only healthier or more desirable, but there’s something in my modern psyche that really likes that type of girl. Of course personality and attitude are most important, but I’m extremely attracted to curvy women, even if that means they don’t have firm stomachs and may have extra weight on them. After all, I’m not exactly in the best of shape. I don’t want to wax intellectual about it–instead I just put pictures up–I just really like curvy women.

I think that in our society, as opposed to others, we put a strange emphasis on being thin, to the point where women lose their attractiveness because to be attractive is also to love oneself and the way God made you. Perhaps I could do better with that advice in my own life. I’m kinda curvy guy myself!

We’re such a strange society because we’re the most obese and yet we seem to have some of the skinniest women, or women who put a lot of emphasis on being really thin, even if it compromises their own health, self-esteem and emotional well-being. If you look at movies from the 1950’s, you see women who were very comfortable with their curves and natural beauty (I feel so corny writing this, but it’s true).

I think that most men who are in to curvy or bigger girls are honest about it (after all, there’s nothing weird about it) but there are some guys who feel that they have to be into rail-thin girls which to me is bizarre. So, to curvy women out there who may be ambivalent about their bodies, be happy, you’re beautiful. Stay that way!